Spain: Large families choose private label diapers to maximize savings without compromising quality

Tomorrow, October 31, will be celebrated the World Savings Day.

• The Spanish Large Families Federation (FEFN) have collaborated on a study by LIDL supermarkets to improve the value for money of the product and reduce the large impact on the household economy.

• 64% of families is loyal to a brand, but 80% would change after trying another product with the same quality and lower price. The savings can reach 90 € a year. 

Private labels have burst in Spanish homes, many of which have changed their consumption habits due to monetary reasons. Diapers, a product that is indispensable for many families, have not escaped the boom that have been experiencing private brands, although in this case consumers demand that savings do not imply loss in quality.

This is what reveals a study by LIDL Supermarket, in which has collaborated the Spanish Federation of Large Families (FEFN), and where families have verified that some of the cheaper diapers on the market offer the same or better results than other more expensive.

The diaper is a basic product, essential in the first two years of a child's life and Its daily use represents a great expense for thousands of families, especially for large families, who have to multiply by 2, 3, etc., Sometimes the cost of diapers, has to be coped simultaneously with twins, children of similar ages , etc..

According to a study recently developed by an independent consumer organization, annual spending on diapers roses above 400 Euros. Choosing one or another would mean saving 90 Euros / year per child. Study with 200 families There have participated 200 families, who volunteered to test LIDL nappies ("Toujours").

Families valued the characteristics of the diapers 'Toujours' compared to their usual brands as well as their buying habits and the determining factors when deciding on a diaper or other. 64% of them said to be loyal to a brand and, after learning the diaper analyzed, 80% of them would move into 'Toujours' because they believe they are as good as theirs and are much cheaper.

In short, the decision to purchase is highly dependent on the quality and families value the possibility saving only if the product is satisfactory and fulfills its function well. These results confirm the conclusions reached by the independent consumer organization in a recent analysis of quality of diapers, which were given the highest score to 'Toujours', a LIDL brand diapers, even being one of the most affordable among the market.

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