Hungary: First Large Family Festival

The twentieth anniversary of the International Year of the Family (IYF) has offered a wonderful opportunity to organise the first Large Family Festival on 13-14th September 2014 in Budapest with the message: “It is nice to live in family”! Our main ambition was to let others taste the familiar atmosphere of the Hungarian National Association of Large Families.

The first Large Family Festival was basically a cultural festival taking on the nature the traditional annual Autumn Meetings enriched now with new characteristics, contents and programmes. The venue hosting the event was the largest interactive open-space railway park of Central Europe. The festival was supported by the President of the Hungarian National Bank, Mr. György Matolcsy. For more information go to the festival website:

Visitors arriving to the event could join colourful programmes on both days. The stage of the Orient Hall was filled by musical, dance, literary and theatrical performances. The regions of our association introduced themselves by cultural shows and handicraft possibilities. 

The individual atmosphere of the festival came true by the peaceful, familiar nature of the event where large families coming from all over the country could meet handing on the same intrinsic values from generation to generation. There are families who otherwise could not afford spending a day at the Hungarian Railway Museum. More than 6 thousand took part in the two-day festival, 3 thousand of which arrived by specially arranged trains from all over the country. 

Hopefully, the association faces the organisation of the Second Large Family Festival next year.