Germany: Immler Large Family Foundation receives Fair Family Seal

On 3rd of April 2014 in Frankurt, German Large Families Association awarded this year Immler Large Family Foundation for its performance. The Foundation’s founders and board members, Charles and Jacob Immler, received the award as a part of the national executive meeting of the German Large Families Association (KRFD) on Saturday, 29th of March 2014 in Frankfurt. The certificate was handed by Dr. Elisabeth Müller, chairwoman of the KRFD Board.

In her speech Alexandra Gassmann, chairwoman of the National Association of Bavaria, thanked the Immler brothers for their pioneering commitment: “The Large Family Foundation offers ingenious solution model for large families. Your approach to link affordable housing in a multi-generation house with mandatory volunteering is innovative, sustainable and financially viable. I think this extraordinary project deserves national attention.”

Jakob Immer emphasized how well the concept works in practice, convincing that it connects generations. His brother, Charles, asked for the values, responded: “Basing on my own life experience, we know that living together is a recipe for contentment.”

Following this, Dr. Elisabeth Müller said:  “It’s important to pay attention to this issue, promote it and to identify solutions. Achieving suitable living conditions for large families is one of the main points the Association is dealing with.”


In the picture (left to right): Karl Immler (Immler Großfamilienstiftung), Alexandra Gaßmann (KRFD Landesvorsitzende Bayern), Dr. Elisabeth Müller (KRFD Vorsitzende Bundesvorstand) und Jakob Immler (Immler Großfamilienstiftung)