‘12 mental health guidelines for homebound families’, by a mother of 11 children

Summary of the recommendations made by Patricia Díez, psychologist, mother of eleven children and member of the Association of Large Families of Catalonia (FANOC).

1 – Personal care 🚿: Say no to sloppiness. Groom up, get dressed, not to be in pajamas or tracksuits. Looking good contributes to being well, looking bad contributes to discouragement.

2 – Order favors harmony: Set a realistic schedule that respects the biological clock and where responsibilities and the people you love fit 🗓: Getting up and going to bed, meals, sports, etc.

3 – Eat well 🍗 🍎: Reeducate the menus and their quantities. With sedentary life it is not consumed as with active life.

4 – Breathe in fresh air 💨: Open the window, breathe and fix your gaze on the farthest point🌄; for at least 15 ′. In the mornings, stay in rooms where there is more natural light. If you have the option to go out (garden, terrace), sunbathe.

5 – Exercise 🏃🏽‍♂: Change clothes. Sport helps metabolism work well and combat anxiety and depression.

6 – Catch up on the news 🗞: Once a day. It is not good to cultivate anguish. It also limits the use of screens 📱💻. Try to control your real life, that of your home. Not what you can’t control, from the outside.

7 – Don’t ask yourself why Busca: Look for what opportunity to get out of this situation. Reframe your scale of values, grow in virtues, etc.

8 – Take advantage of doing new things 🎨 🎭: be creative.

9 – Put someone other than yourself on your schedule 👪: Make a list of people you love and try to talk to one of them at least once a day. And laugh, have a coffee online.

10 – Transcend 🙏🏼: If you are a godly person, pray. If you want to take part, send a letter to sick and lonely people in the hospital through so many initiatives that are coming out.

11 – Ask for forgiveness and welcome the forgiveness of others 🕊: Do not let rancor occupy your heart.

12 – Smile ☺: And don’t panic if you lose your nerve. Start again.

The coronavirus has an end. That leaves a positive mark on you. Beware!

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