25 Different ways to prepare for Christmas

Let these creative ideas help bring the real meaning of the season to your family.

Magnús Sannleikur, aleteia.org

By now, Christmas decorations abound, lighting up our streets and houses. At home, it’s important for us to live these days meaningfully. Here, we propose some activities to help you remember old traditions, or maybe start new ones, as you enjoy the true meaning of this holiday.

  1. Donate or buy toys for children in families experiencing financial difficulties.
  2. Participate in a family homemade Christmas card contest.
  3. Donate clothes (good ones!).
  4. Go for a walk with family or friends, to enjoy together the Christmas decorations in your city or neighborhood, paying special attention to the Nativity scenes.
  5. Give your children a toy Nativity scene to play with.
  6. Attend a Christmas concert.
  7. Learn a Christmas carol as a family.
  8. Make ornaments for the Christmas tree.
  9. Place a jar somewhere in your house in which to put thank-you messages to each other.
  10. Make a monetary donation to a charity.
  11. Read the Gospel, a book or a story about the birth of Jesus.
  12. Go over to chat for a while with a neighbor who is lonely.
  13. Buy a new figurine for your Nativity scene.
  14. Give a food basket to a person or family in need so that they can celebrate the holidays with more joy.
  15. Pray for the elderly if you are unable to visit them.
  16. Call a friend who is far away, or someone who is sick and alone.
  17. Make Christmas cookies or some other treat to give to someone who is alone, or homeless and hungry.
  18. Check your church’s holiday schedule and attend a Christmas service.
  19. Visit godparents, grandparents, or a person without family.
  20. Celebrate the birthday of the Baby Jesus with a cake.
  21. Invite someone who has no family to Christmas dinner.
  22. Gather the children around the Nativity and sing a carol to the baby Jesus.
  23. Organize a Nativity scene contest among friends.
  24. Write a carol, a poem or a simple prayer.
  25. Look at the sky to contemplate the star of Bethlehem and talk about the Three Wise Men with your children.

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