2nd European Conference of Large Families – Lisbon (Portugal) – 2004

Under the motto “Large Families – Spring in an Ageing Europe”, the conference took place on 27 March 2004. During the conference, the representatives of the European associations of large families present signed the constitution of the European Large Families Confederation (ELFAC).

As part of the celebrations of the X Anniversary of the International Year of Family, the Portuguese Large Families Association (APFN) organized in Lisbon the II European Large Families Congress, in order to contribute to the necessary discussion about the future of the European Community, which is under great pressure mainly because of the its low demographic growth.

The congress was opened by the Minister and the secretary of state for Social Security and Labor; and by the national coordinator for family policies of the Portuguese Government.

International speakers talked on demography and family policies, like Jean Didier Lecaillon, from the University of Sorbonne (Paris), Nuria Chinchilla from IESE Business School or Martin Spilauer, from Max Plank Institute for Demography.

After the speeches, the delegates of the large families association signed the constitution of ELFAC. Fernando Castro, president of the Portuguese Association and father of 13, was elected as first president by representatives of associations from Spain, Hungary, Latvia, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and Estonia.

The Lisbon Declaration was approved as a conclusion of the Conference.

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