5th. anniversary of Croatian Large families association with two projects for children and parents

Croatian Large Families Association “Obitelji 3plus” celebrated its fifth birthday! In last year they confirmed the status of advocates of the society that cares for families, especially families with three or more children.

They contributed to raising the quality of life of large families through series of realized activities where they point out increasing the number of partner companies in the Family card project; implemented several projects intended for parents and kids, and they increased the number of members, sympathizers, and supporters of the „Obitelji 3plus” association. Additionally, they raised continuous public awareness of the specific needs and positive examples of life in the 3plus families.

New project: “Support to parents in building emotionally strong and resilient families”

To provide active support to parents with the aim of emotionally empowering the family and creating resilient and strong families, Croatian Large Families Association “Obitelji 3plus” have launched the project “Support to parents in building emotionally strong and resilient families”.

First part of project are workshops “Education focused on the child’s strengths” in which parents are learning about the importance of recognizing a child’s potential, especially talents, and the relationship between the discovery and development of children’s talents and success in life and the state of well-being later in life.

“Obitelji 3plus” continues the implementation of the “Equal (digital) opportunities for all” project

At the beginning of February 2023. Croatian Large Families Association “Obitelji 3plus” started a new cycle of free digital literacy education for 53 new participants – children from the families of members of the Association.

The project “Equal (digital) opportunities for all” aims to enable elementary school children in Croatia to have the same (digital) opportunities for school and life success. The project is being implemented in partnership with Croatian Professional Women’s Network Zagreb and some corporate sponsors.

The program is prepared for elementary school students who will have the opportunity to experience an individualized approach to learning through play and fun through digital literacy, programming, and robotics workshops.

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