The European Large Families Confederation (ELFAC) was formally constituted in 2004, gathering Large Families Associations across Europe. This Confederation represents more than 50 millions of European citizens who belong to the nearly 9 million large families.

The idea of ELFAC was launched in the I European Large Families Conference that took place in Madrid (Spain) on November 2002, and the decisive part of its Statutes were agreed upon at a meeting held in Brussels (Belgium) on October 2003. The foundation meeting of ELFAC was held on the occasion of the II European Large Families Conference in Lisbon (Portugal) in March, 2004. The III Conference took place in Gyor (Hungary) in 2006; the IV in Barcelona (Spain) in 2008; the V in Rimini (Italy) in 2010; the VI in Tartu (Estonia) in 2012; the VII in Cascais (Portugal) in 2014; the VIII in Riga (Latvia) in 2016; and the VIII in Szczecin (Poland) in 2018.


The objectives of the Confederation shall be to represent the social and economic interests of families with children, in general, and large families, in particular, as the most appropriate environment for bringing up children, integrating them into society, and providing mutual support and solidarity among generations; as well as the promotion, development and unity of the movement of large family organisations.



Maria Regina Maroncelli (Italy)


Elisabeth Müller (Germany)

Secretary General and Treasurer:

Raúl Sánchez (Spain)


Kormosné Debreceni Zsuzsa (Hungary)

Radoslaw Waszkiewicz (Poland)
Leonids Mucenieks (Latvia)
João Oliveira (Portugal)

Dimitra Ines-Aggeli (Greece)



(Honorary President: szló Márki)




Project & Communications Manager: Celene Gómez