Activities for large families of YMCA Živá Rodina in Czech Republic

A brief summary of the activities of our ELFAC member in Czech Republic, by its president Jiří Ludvík

Our association YMCA Živá rodina (living family) continues with its programs focused on whole families, hence for children and their parents (or grandparents). Because our aim is to keep families (namely the large ones) together, in function and to prevent crises and divorces, our programs (not only for our member families, but open for the public) are oriented :

a) to strengthen the relationship among the wife and her husband by co-organizing the “Married couples encounters”. This is a program for one week in summer and two (or more) weekends during the year (always in a remote place) where the couples can refresh their relationship by participation in lectures, exchange their experiences in small groups and simultaneously participate in individual or common relax programs.

b) to strengthen the relationship among generations, namely parents – children. Here the most important activities are programs for whole families (wolley-ball, skiing, summer and winter camps) where the parents have quality time with their children. Besides that  seminars or discussion on upbringing of children are co-organized supported by the presence of children/family psychologists.

The activities “outside” the association involve namely participation in political discussions (organized by parliament, senate or NGOs) concerning the pro-family policy which would be friendly to large families and which would support the integrity and function of families as stabilizing units of the society. We are grateful that we can contribute to the pro-family policy even on the international level in the frame of ELFAC.

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