ANFN greeted new Italian Minister for Family and Equal Opportunities Elena Bonetti

ANFN also organized a meeting of large families from Lombardia in August

Carlo Dionedi, Head of the Policy Department of the Italian Large Families Association (ANFN), greteed the new Minister for Family and Equal Opportunities Elena Bonetti: “Her experience in scouting, along with her professional commitment as a teacher, but especially as a mother of two, makes us think of a particular sensitivity to the themes of education and training. We are also confident that she will be able to bring to the attention of her government colleagues and to Parliament the iniquities that have affected large families for too long. For our part we are ready to meet her to illustrate our requests, which moreover have a direct reflection on the trend of the economy and the serious demographic decline. We also hope to be able to have a constructive and serene discussion on ethical issues on which we are probably not in full agreement, but this, as it’s said, is the “sale of democracy”. Today, unfortunately, there is a tendency to reason by slogans and to radicalize positions without a real dialogue listening to each other. On the contrary, it is precisely in our families that we experience every day the beauty of diversity and plurality, becoming accustomed to accepting and loving children as they are, in an open and frank dialogue that makes everyone grow.”

Meeting in Brescia (Lombardia)

Sunday, August 25 at the Park of the Fonti of Boario Terme was held the Meeting of Families organized by ANFN in collaboration with the Family Office of the Diocese of Brescia, with the Provincial Forum of Family Associations, with the association Il pellicano Aps and thanks to the commitment of Emanuele Pizzatti, father of a large family.

After the welcome of families, 250 people, we took part in the Mass in the nearby Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Alpini animated by the choir of the Alpini Monte Alto of Rogno.

Back at the park the families had lunch, who with two excellent menus based on mountain flavors for adults and children at a very cheap price, who preferred the packed lunch in the picnic picnic area in the cool of the wooded park.

In the afternoon the kids, more than 150, followed by the animators had fun in the adventure park climbing trees, walking on walkways and Tibetan bridges, descending with the slide on monorail between parabolic breathtaking curves. The spa park was full of  pushchairs, children and kids engaged in games, activities and mutual knowledge. Totally absent the boredom and very rare heads inclined on mobile phones.

For the parents our president Mario Sberna gave a speech about the encyclical “amoris laetitia” on the joy of love that is lived in families. Afterwards Raffaella and Giuseppe Butturini presented the book: “Horizontal Education: Brothers and Sisters in Large Families”.

A day of relaxation, fun, cheerfulness, exchange and knowledge, cultural information; in conclusion, maestro Dheison Medrano involved everyone with fun South American dances.

(by Valeria Leonardi)

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