APFN consults families on the new Portuguese government

The Portuguese Large Families Association (APFN) launched a survey among its members in order to find out about the experience, challenges and interests of large families with the ministerial themes of the new Constitutional Government.

Completing the survey is voluntary and is not associated with any financial compensation for the benefit of either party, and the data collected is anonymous.

The APFN, which already represents more than 12,000 families, wants to continue its attentive and active stance in defending the rights of large families, with the political community, to ensure greater equity in tax and consumption treatment.

Also in the context of the new political cycle of the new legislature of the Portuguese Parliament, the APFN has requested an audience with all the political parties with parliamentary representation. The APFN is willing to work with the government and parliament to build models that help families and do not lead to increased burdens, which disproportionately affect families with three or more children.

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