Birth rate hits 100-year low in Latvia

Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) provisional data published November 13  show that the number of births registered in the first nine months of this year – 10 822 – is 1 741 children or 13.9 % smaller than that recorded in the corresponding period of 2022. 


“Fewer children than in the corresponding month of 2022 were born each month of 2023, moreover, apart from the monthly figures being smaller than a year ago, they also were the smallest in the last 100 years,” said the CSB.

More postive news came with confirmation that in the first nine months of this year, 20 312 deaths were registered, which is 2 502 deaths or 11.0 % fewer than in the same period a year ago and 437 deaths or 2.1 % fewer than before the pandemic (i.e., corresponding period of 2019).

The highest number of deaths within the nine months was recorded in January when with 3 001 (56 deaths or 1.9 % more than in January a year ago). The figure registered in the rest eight months was smaller than that recorded in each of the corresponding months a year earlier.

In the nine months of 2023, negative natural population change caused a population decline of 9,500 people.

During the first nine months of 2023, 9 095 marriages were registered. Compared to the corresponding period a year ago the number of marriages has dropped by 755 or 7.7 %, while compared to 2020, when fewer marriages were registered because of the pandemic-related restrictions, it has grown by 401 or 4.6 %. 

On October 1, 2023 Latvia provisionally had a population of 1,876,400, which is 14,600 people fewer than on 1 January 2023.

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