Call for the European Large Family Award 2022

Here is the call for nominations for the “European Large Family of the Year 2022” Award.

The awardee must be a large family whose life and activities are exemplary, showing up values in society. Proposals for awardees may be submitted by member organizations of ELFAC, one proposal by a member organization. Like in the past years, there will be no financial reward for the winning family.

You can see the awardees from past years here. The winner of the European Large Family of the year 2021 Award was the family Mosca Pesenti, from Italy, which includes three children and eleven other ‘children’ who have been in foster care with them. The award will be given in a ceremony in Bergamo at the end of next September.

The proposed family must be a large family (with three or more children), with no further restriction on the number of children or on their age (in particular, the children need not be of minor age), nor on the activities of the family. The proposal shall be one page long, containing the names and the ages of the family members, and a description of why this family is proposed for the award. A photo of the family must also be attached, together with a written consent of the family that their photo may be placed on the website of and maybe printed on leaflets of ELFAC and its member organizations.

The deadline to receive nominations is the 30th of September 2022, Friday. Applications should be sent to

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