Celebration of the Advent in MÁNCSE, the Large Families Association of Mátyusföld (Slovakia)

Author: Laura Jánoska, member of MÁNCSE association

On 25th November the carol was rang out at the Roman Catholic parish of Zsigárd where we were gathered to prepare for birth of Jesus. We were preparing like a huge family. The parents helped to prepare the Advent wreath to their children. Who was ready with his wreath, had an opportunity to prepare Christmas decoration, too. In the parish kitchen the grandmothers waited the participants with a delicious snack, in the living room the religious teacher Adrianna Pásztor was singing together with children.

How different this wreath making was compared to that last year in pandemic period when it was possible just at home between four walls. That time we had to distribute the tasks between our family members: collecting pine branches, drilling the bottom of the candles, weaving and decorating the wreath, cleaning up the table, preparing some snacks, etc. and now all these tasks were distributed among a big community. Several types of ornaments, several kinds of pine branches, several types of cakes, more songs, more children, more experience, etc. Working in the community was more interesting, and these wreaths prepared in the community were more beautiful. We made them together among our community, and lightning their candles we get closer to the major event, birth of Jesus.

Nevertheless we are able to really feel this event among those people we love most. Why? We were singing that this whole world was created by Our Father, Our God, and we have learned that the mankind was waiting for the Saviour from the beginning of the creation. But we can’t forget that the creation has not been finished. God still creates people today, and in this process we are His assistants as parents. Let’s celebrate the birth of Jesus together with our children who were entrusted to us by the Creator God!

Gratitude and thanks to all of them who helped to realize this event with their voluntary work.

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