Christmas Donation for NOE families and for Hungarian minority families in Trans-Carpathia, Ukraine  

By NOE (Hungarian Large Families Association)

In December we organised two donation campaigns in our association. One to support families of our local communities, and the other one to help  Hungarian minority families living in the Trans-Carpathian region in Ukraine. Both campaigns received also government funding.

We made packages for our families which contained: paprika, honey, flour, sugar, onion, garlic, canned cabbage and some snacks. We received everything from Hungarian  farmers, therefore all components in the packages were of high-quality locally sourced products. It was a valuable assistance for large families before Christmas.

The donation to Trans-Carpathian families was special because we asked relevant company CEOs in Hungary to choose a family and prepare a personal package to them. The packages included warm clothes, toys, school supplies and long-shelf life food products. We also helped two music schools and a children’s home. We were able to offer new musical instruments to the music schools. Katalin Kardosné Gyurkó, the president of NOE went personally to Ukraine to hand-over these donations directly to the families in need and the selected institutions.

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