Christmas Spirit Spreads as Estonian Association of Large Families Gears Up for Holiday Gift Drive

As the festive season draws near, the holiday spirit is not just confined to homes but is also taking root in workplaces, including the Estonian Association of Large Families office. We have embarked on a heartwarming initiative to fulfill the Christmas wishes of children from large families across the country.

The organization has gathered the heartfelt Christmas wishes of children, ranging from the tiniest tots to the older kids, spanning every corner of Estonia. After reading and documenting these wishes, the office has successfully paired nearly half of the requests with generous benefactors. However, they are now reaching out to the wider community for additional support.

The children have poured their hearts into self-written letters and artistic creations. If you, your company, or your group of friends feels compelled to make a difference by fulfilling the Christmas wishes of one or more of these children, the Estonian office is eagerly awaiting your involvement.

Connect with them on Facebook, Instagram (@lasterikkad), or send an email to to express your interest.

A heartfelt thank you is extended to PwC Estonia, Maxima Eesti, Viljandi Metall, and Montonio for already lending their support to this noble cause.

“Alone, it’s challenging to achieve great things, but together, we can bring a sparkle to the eyes of many children!” 

As the Estonian Association team continues its mission, the hope is that this collaborative effort will make this Christmas season a memorable and joyous one for children in need across Estonia.

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