Competition of fairy tales organized by the Hungarian Large Families Association NOE

At the beginning this year, NOE organised a fairy tale writing competition in Hungary to which we received more than 400 fairy tales from all over the country.

Beyond the first three prizes, five special awards were also offered to the contestants. These special awards were sponsored by the following partners; 5th district of Budapest municipality, M2 kids tv channel, Magyar Napló (Hungarian newspaper), Erzsébet Schaffer (famous writer in Hungary and member of the selection committee) plus our association also offered one.

The municipality of the 5th district of Budapest has recently joined the European Network of Family-Friendly Municipalities in March in Brussels. The short tale that received the award is special because it is based on a true story that actually happened in Hungary when two wild boar escaped and ran through the streets of Budapest.

The 30 best fairytales will be compiled and published in a book.

We are very proud that we have the opportunity to hold this competition year by year as it becomes increasingly popular every year. We also truly believe that these tales will help our families to connect and spend quality time together.

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