Have your say: launch of consultation on the European Child Guarantee

The European Commission recently launched a new consultation on the Roadmap for a new initiative on ensuring basic services for all children in need in Europe. The consultation runs until 7 October 2020.

The Child Guarantee is meant to ensure that all children in Europe who are at risk of poverty, social exclusion, or are otherwise disadvantaged, have access to essential services of good quality.

It will recommend that EU countries invest resources and develop strategies and action plans to ensure that children in need have access to free or affordable services such as

  • education, including early childhood education and care,
  • healthcare, nutrition and housing,
  • culture and leisure activities.

This consultation will check where EU action could have added value and identify the main challenges as regards the well-being of disadvantaged children.

The Commission is particularly seeking views and insights from national/local administrations, service providers, citizens – including children – and civil society.

Have your say until 7 October 2020

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