Correspondence to Political Parties in Romania about Large Families’ Needs

In May, the International Day of Families was celebrated. Large families were honored by Romanian Large Families Association (ASFANU) by highlighting their importance for a harmonious society, recognizing their needs and desires, and conveying these to the decision-makers in Romania. To ensure that the voices of large families are heard, ASFANU addressed an open letter to all political parties in Romania, a call to action in favor of large families, whose needs are often overlooked by most decision-makers in the country. 

Therefore, in the context of the 2024 elections, ASFANU requested the political parties in Romania to consider several essential demands to support large families. One of the most important requests from ASFANU has been the legal definition of the concept of a large family and the legal recognition of large families. The lack of a clear definition creates, among other things, a legislative gap that prevents families from the 3+ community to benefit from support policies adapted to the size of the family.

Another important demand for the members of large families is the elimination of discrimination based on the number of children in a family and ensuring equal opportunities for the members of these families. This aspect, along with the introduction of fiscal policies to support families with 3+ children, would ease the financial burden on families and facilitate access to resources for the care and education of children.

In the call to action addressed to political parties, ASFANU also requested the introduction of a national large family card, already implemented in countries such as Spain, Poland, and France, with remarkable results for the 3+ family communities in these countries. Introducing such a card, along with providing a financial incentive for the purchase of a seven-seat vehicle, would motivate young parents to desire creating a large family and to dream of building their future at home, in Romania.

Finally, the Romanian politicians were also required to consider and implement credit programs for large families, provide support for parents in the labor market, and especially reintegrate mothers into the workforce. 

ASFANU’s open letter to political parties in Romania underscores the urgent need to address the specific challenges faced by large families. By adopting these measures, the government can ensure that large families receive the recognition and support they deserve, fostering a more inclusive and supportive society. The upcoming elections in Romania present a critical opportunity for political leaders to commit to these changes and demonstrate their dedication to the well-being of all romanian families.

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