Croatia large families association: Back to school gift campaign, first branch in the City of Zagreb and opinion after the last census data

Back to school gift campaign

To make school preparations for parents easier and share the joy of the new beginnings, for the second year in a row Croatian Large Families Association Families3plus are organizing a prize giveaway in August. This year’s campaign under the slogan “Kindergarten and school are getting closer, help is coming from Families3plus” was realized in cooperation with donors and partner companies of our Family Card. Our partners Froddo and Biovitalis took part in the campaign, as well as supporters of our Association of companies Mar-Mar, Fokus, Alfa d.d. and Deichmann. We organized prize giveaways on social networks Facebook and Instagram, where our loyal followers shared many interesting details from the life of 3plus families.

Establishment of the first branch of the association Families 3plus – City of Zagreb

The Board of Directors of the Association Families 3plus, based on the Statute and the Regulations on the Operation of Branches and Other Organizational Forms of the Association of Families with Three or More Children, made a Decision about the branch establishment of the Families 3plus Association – City of Zagreb. The purpose of the association Families 3plus is to contribute to the creation of better living conditions for families in Croatia, especially those with three or more children. By establishing branches, the Association wants to bring its activities closer to all families throughout Croatia, and we believe that through branches at the county level, we will enable easier and more successful mutual cooperation of our members for the benefit of families with three or more children.

Press release on the occasion of the publication of additional data from the 2021 Population Census in Croatia

According to additionally published data from the 2021 Population Census, the share of families, couples with children, continues to fall, and is the lowest so far – only 49.7%. In the total number of families with children, 52.5% are families with one child, 35.1% are families with two children, 9.8% are families with three children, 1.9% are families with four children, and 0.7% families with five or more children. In 2011, the census determined that there are 112,830 families with three or more children in Croatia, while the latest census from 2021 shows that this number has decreased to only 95,173 families with three or more children.

 “The Family Association 3plus stands for a society that takes care of families, and we recognize this time in which we live as extremely unfavorable for the Croatian people. We are faced with a long-term process of negative demographic trends, primarily with the decline in the birth rate, the aging of the population and the emigration of the population from the Republic of Croatia,” says the president of the Association of Families with Three or More Children,” Kristian Jambrošić.

“The association welcomes the Government’s previous moves in favor of the family, but considers them insufficient. Given the sensitivity of this topic, we asked the Prime Minister to urgently find a way for the ministry responsible for the family to be devoted only and exclusively to the problem for which the Government itself continuously stands out as the most important in Croatia. Family and demography must not be secondary issues and only declarative in the names of some other ministries. We need a strong ministry with significantly more concrete budget resources for decisive measures, headed by a minister with vice-presidential authority in the Government of the Republic of Croatia”, the Association says.

Some of the concrete and active family policies that the Association of Families with Three or More Children advocates for are:

• stimulating work for raising children as a socially useful and necessary contribution for the parents of three or more children, with the purpose of harmonizing family and professional life (right to work half of the full-time until the youngest child reaches the age of 8, with compensation (salary) from the state for the other half time);

• a fully subsidized kindergarten for all children in Croatia – to regulate it the same way like the primary and secondary education and  public universities are financed;

• universal child benefit for each child, with progressive growth as the number of children in the families (example of Latvia: child allowance if the family has one child = EUR 25, if there are two children = EUR 50 for each child, if there are three children = EUR 75 for each child, if there are four children = EUR 100 for each child). Facilitation in the purchase of cars for families with several children, free car seats, assistance in the purchase of each family property (as the family grows), the possibility to reimburse grandparents for the costs of looking after their grandchildren, the establishment of family centers for family education and counseling, all of this examples of good practices in the environment, and allocations for families and children should finally be seen as a real investment and a pledge of Croatia’s future, and not as an expense! As a reminder, the association Families 3plus gathers families with three or more children, advocates their rights and interests, and promotes family values. By implementing specific programs, in cooperation with involved citizens, the business and public sector, we encourage the improvement of the quality of family life in Croatia.

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