Croatia: Major research before parliamentary elections by the Families 3plus Association

The Croatian Association of families with three or more children conducted an extensive research on the positions of political parties with regard to concrete proposals for measures on family and pro-natality policies that they plan on implementing, should they be participating in executive government bodies, after the elections for members in the Croatian Parliament that shall take place on July 5th. Thereby, the Association succeeded in putting as one of the public focuses concrete measures for families with three or more children before the parliamentary elections.

One of the most important goals of the Association is to improve the legislative, institutional, financial and strategic framework for the benefit of families with children, especially those with three or more children. It is thus of particular relevance that the candidates for members of the Croatian Parliament declare their positions in advance regarding issues that are of daily importance for families with children. The afore-mentioned is all the more important as according to the last population census in Croatia, there are as much as 112.830 families with three or more children, which include almost 600.000 family members (parents and children).

Political parties and coalitions were asked three specific questions that could have been answered with YES or NO, with an option to also shortly elaborate their answer. In addition, it was also possible to present additional measures that they intend to implement, whereas the specific questions referred to child allowances, pro-natality allowances and coordinating family and professional life.

The entire research results, answers to all the specific questions and analysis is available HERE (in Croatian).

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