Croatia: The project “Parenting skills for healthy families“ was implemented

Croatian Large Families Association Obitelji 3plus organized and implemented the project “Parenting skills for healthy families” which aims to empower families from the city of Zagreb area to preserve and improve health of all family members. Through the project they organized two family trainings – first is an educational training for families with small children, which can be done by every family in their living room, and the second training for families with small children which can be done in the park or in their own yard.

Playtime outdoors in the fresh air is extremely important for the healthy development of a child’s body. Also, for optimal growth and development of child s organism it is recommended that children spend at least one to three hours a day in physical activities, preferably in nature. Daily exercise of at least 15-30 minutes is a desirable activity for both children and adults to preserve good health and maintain physical fitness that we need to be able to handle everyday duties more easily.

Both trainings are available on the Association’s You Tube channel:

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