Croatian Large Families Association participated in the conference “Housing and Demography” at the European Parliament

Member of the Board of directors of the Croatian Large Families Association, Zlatko Stapić, Ph.D. participated in a conference in the European Parliament in on “Housing and Demography” held in Brussels on November 16th. At the conference, he presented the results of research our Association conducted on housing and energy transition.

The results of the research conducted in families with three or more children, which were presented at the conference in the European Parliament, undoubtedly show that the energy transition and energy refurbishment are important factors in raising the quality of life for multi-children families, which is what we as an Association stand for.

At the conference, which was organized in the European Parliament by the Croatian representative Ladislav Ilčić, there was talk about demographic problems, but also about the possibilities of improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Since the cost of energy represents a significant cost in family houses and residential buildings, the discussion concluded that at the Croatian, as well as the European strategic and legislative level, special attention should be directed to the co-financing of the energy renovation of multi-family buildings, as they are an important factor in the demographic renewal of society.

With Zlatko Stapić, Ph.D. speakers at the conference were also Tado Jurić, professor of demography, political science and history at the Croatian Catholic University, and Ph.D. Vladimir Soldo from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Shipbuilding in Zagreb, who spoke about the possibilities of smarter solutions for energy refurbisment of family houses.  Initiatives of this type show that the demographic renewal of society is a complex problem that needs to be approached with special attention, as was demonstrated by the discussion with MEPs that followed the presentation. We are sure that the results of the conference will help in the preparation of better and new energy strategies, as well as other strategies that will recognize the importance of multi-children families and their contribution to the renewal of Croatian and European society.

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