Croatia: Sending families on unforgettable vacations and round table on how improve quality of family life

Supporting quality of life in Croatian large families

We are supporting joy of life in 3plus families

In partnership with the company Maistra Croatian Large Families Association “Obitelji 3plus” provided the seven-member Debeljak family with an unforgettable summer vacation and family bonding experience in a quiet cove near Rovinj. “It is truly good to know that nowadays there is someone who is supporting and fighting for the rights of families with more kids.” said family Debeljak.

Friendly family Debeljak, members of the Families 3plus Association, recorded a cheerful video with a song about the beauty of life which they submitted to a contest in a MONTH of FAMILY celebration and by which they answered the question “Why is it so beautiful to live in a 3plus family?” After that a partner of the Family Card tourist company Maistra gave them a 3 day vacation in the summer camp Veštar.

Announcement of the round table “How to improve the quality of family life in Croatia?”

The most important topic of today in Croatia  – life of familiy, challenges, needs and solutions to make life conditions better will be the focus of this round table. The exchange of knowledge and experience and to suggest the solutions with examples of good practice in Croatia and abroad is extremely important to encourage and achieve real changes.

The round table in the organization of Croatian Large Families Associationwill take place in two panel discussions and the main topics will be: available and fully subsidized kindergartens, child allowance for each kid, work models ans parenting support and familiy housing – solutions and perspectives.

The panelists of the round table are Croatian scientists, representatives of institutions, parents and employers.

Moderator of the round table is Đurđica Mostarčić, vicepresident of the Families 3plus Association. Child care will be provided.

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