Czech Republic: the Association of Large Families YMCA and its work

The Associatiation YMCA Živá rodina (Living Family) was established in 1991 (they have the 30th anniversary) and is focused on the support of marriage, appretiation of motherhood and fatherhood, to the support of families, namely those with more children and to the prevention of possible family crisis (social, economic, …). Their main activity is aimed to the development and improvement of relationship among married couples and among parents and children. Besides that, they are trying permanently to influence the politicians to establish – keep – promote family friendly laws atmosphere.

Their activities involve usually all families (summer and winter camps, sports of parents with children) or are focused on the couple – all the years they participate at regular “Married Couples Encounters”, which are organized as a week in Summer, two week-ends in Fall and Spring and several lectures – with discussions with experts in psychology, sociology, education, family consulting etc.

During pandemy these activities were very limited, some lectures and “spiritual refreshments” could be realized only online. Nevertheless. Last Summer the “family camp” was really full (more than 100 participants), then a lock-down suppressed the in-person meetings. This year in August a new issue of the family camp is under preparation for similar number of participants, with sport, spiritual and social program. 

As for the married couples encounters, last year 90 couples partecipated, divided into four groups interconnected by Zoom / Teams. This year they hope to have the classic in-person meeting.

Their current task is to involve young families with small children because their current members are aging. The best opportunities are every year during their Summer activities (Family camps, Encounters), because the participants are mostly non-members (these activities are “low-sill”, that means easily available for every family).

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