ELFAC calls on the UN to fully respect the right of parents to have as many children as they wish

ELFAC’s statement is one of the 23 from all the world approved and distributed for the 57th session of the Commission on Population and Development of the United Nations which will take place in New York from 29 April to 3 May.

The statement highlights that parents have a basic human right to decide freely and responsibly the number and spacing of their children and it calls for full respect of the right of parents to have the number of children they wish, without punitive legislation or attitudes such as social stigma and adverse economic barriers that make having children a risk factor for poverty.

ELFAC, with consultative status in the UN, says that the disparity between the number of children desired and the number actually born, and the existence of policies to limit the number of children “by law” are the face of the same coin: a disregard for the basic human rights of parents which has brought unhappiness, suffering and poverty. And demands respect for human rights in relation to fertility. Parents and in particular mothers, have the right to decide without external “state” coercions about the number of their children. Family planning should not be a tool to reduce population growth and should always incorporate autonomy, choice, and rights.

Children are the future of our societies and should be seen as the first investment of any community. By supporting families who want to have children, they support the growth and future of their country.

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