ELFAC extends its agreement with the exchange platform viafamilies so that large families can also learn languages with the amadeoo platform

Within all the possibilities that viafamilies.com offers for cultural and linguistic exchanges between families, it has now created another platform to help families in the online language education of their children: amadeoo.com

Families with children have always been concerned about the academic preparation of their children, making great economic and personal efforts to achieve this preparation for an increasingly demanding labor market. In this regard, ELFAC and Family Community SL (promoter of both platforms) have reached an advantageous agreement for all families members of a large family association.

ELFAC’s concern is the loss of purchasing power of families due to the COVID-19 crisis and this leads to less investment power as far as children’s education is concerned. It is well known that there are certain years to consolidate this knowledge, so ELFAC wanted to close an agreement with Family Community to benefit the children of our families.

In 2015, ELFAC and Family Community reached an agreement so that all families belonging to one of the associations of Large Families in Europe would always have a 50% discount on the viaFamilies.com platform, when contacting other families to make linguistic or cultural exchanges for their children.

Now, in 2021, Family Community and ELFAC are once again strengthening ties to continue facilitating the learning of a second or third language for the children of their families with Amadeoo.com, a platform with an innovative learning system that seeks to be economical, global and in continuous development and innovation to facilitate learning.



  • “FLOW” learning system: the student learns without realizing it, in a natural way, making ups and downs of intensity in their learning.
  • System created by teachers and pedagogues with more than 25 years of experience.
  • Freedom to choose a teacher.
  • Filters to choose specialized teachers.
  • Take the class whenever you want:
    • Improvise a class with “Class Now”.
    • Schedule your class with the teacher.
  • EVALUATION system for continuous learning:
    • Feedback and evaluation of each class with your teacher.
    • Self-evaluation of each class.
    • Class review material

The aim of this agreement between ELFAC and Family Community is to offer a continuous learning system by offering the two most effective learning methodologies: online classes and linguistic or cultural trips, uniting these two fields.

EU promotes this type of exchange and the learning of a 2nd or 3rd language in addition to the mother tongue. For this reason, ELFAC joins this demand from parents, offering student mobility through ViaFamilies.com and Amadeoo.com.


Using Amadeoo, ViaFamilies is free for families. In other words, the exchange trips are free of charge.

Number of classes taught at Amadeoo Number of free months to contact families on ViaFamilies
15 hours of class 2 free months
30 hours of class 6 free months
56 hours of class 12 free months
  • The hours of classes are per user and are added together within the same family, so it is quite easy to reach 30 or 50 classes between 3 children.
  • No expiration date.
  • Free months on ViaFamilies are counted from the moment you make the first contact.


Parents can have full control over their children’s lessons and learning. Amadeoo will be introducing tools for monitoring and evaluating classes.

Parents will be able to create a private profile for each of their children, free of charge.

Here you can see:

  • Their booked classes.
  • Teachers who have taught them and their comments.
  • Progress.
  • Study plans.
  • Controls and self-evaluations.
  • Budget and invoices.
  • Areas of study and “Class Plan” performed.

Parents can book the classes by contacting us directly with the teacher or improvise a class at any time they wish.

They will be able to check their children’s expenses and progress, controlling monthly expenses and progress.

With Amadeoo.com and ViaFamilies.com we want to ensure equal opportunities in education for large families, with special attention to young students who need to prepare their future in a competitive world. And where these aspects remain in the background in families with few resources.


  1. Inform on Amadeoo that you belong to Large Families: When families arrive at Amadeoo.com in their profile they will find a box where they have to indicate that they belong to a Large Families Association. The Amadeoo.com system: As you take classes, the Amadeoo.com system will automatically count the classes.

  2. Receive a 100% discount email: When you have completed the number of hours of classes, Amadeoo will automatically send you an email, to the same email address you registered with, in which we will give you your ViaFamilies discount password for free cultural and linguistic exchanges.

  3. ViaFamilies: if you have not yet registered you will have to create your family profile, if you already have it, access it by default. Once you are in your profile you will find under your family or student photo, the box to put your discount password. When you are about to contact a family, the system will not charge you anything.

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