ELFAC letter to the Spanish Prime Minister to ask him to maintain the large family card

Regina Maroncelli, president of ELFAC, has sent a letter to Pedro Sanchez, president of the Spanish government, with a copy to the minister of social rights, Pablo Bustinduy, and the parliamentary spokespersons of the different political parties, about the proposal for a new law on families that is being debated in the Spanish parliament.

The proposal of the Spanish government calls for the abolition of the existing large family card, as well as the name and concept of large family in all the country’s legislation, and its replacement by the name “Families with special needs of support for upbringing”, where, in addition to families with more children, all kinds of situations in need of support would be included, such as single-parent families, families with a disabled parent, families with gender violence, etc.

Although the law says it wants to promote the diversity of families, it makes large families invisible, and treats them all as “in need”. The Spanish Federation of Large Families has been fighting for months against this measure of the law, to maintain the large family card, as a support for families with more children, not because they are poor, but because of the extra effort they make to contribute more to the maintenance of the welfare system, which is based on the replacement of generations.

With the letter, the president of ELFAC, on behalf of the associations of all the European countries she represents, asks that the card that supports these families, and their legal definition as a subject of rights, should not be suppressed: “Do not let this happen, keep investing in your children, in your young people and in your future, keep supporting large families as such, because your country, like mine, like Europe, and the whole world need large families and the laughs of their children”.

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