ELFAC met in Romania the minister for family and municipalities of Bucarest and Brasov

The working visit took place from 9 to 11 January 2024

With a busy working agenda prepared by the ASFANU association, Regina Maroncelli and Raul Sanchez, president and secretary general of ELFAC, and Irina Granzuela, president of Romanian Large Families Association ASFANU, had also meetings with families of the association and representatives of academia, politics and media.

During the meeting with the Minister of Family, Youth and Equal Opportunities, Natalia Intotero, and the general director for families, Alexandra Dobre, they discussed the situation of large families at the international level, models of international best practices, which can also be taken over by Romania.

In Romania live more than 220,000 families with 3 or more children, who belong to all social categories, and for this reason the ministry constantly tries to identify solutions that can help parents to balance family life with professional life. This is precisely why measures are needed to reintegrate mothers with large families into the labor market and to facilitate children’s access to nurseries and kindergartens that take children aged between 2-3 years, so that the mother can return to work.

“We need a draft law in the family field, more specifically, the Family Law, which includes regulations and definitions for the family, but also for large and single-parent families. The Ministry of Family, Youth and Equal Opportunities will initiate the national strategy for the family and, in this context, we have decided to collaborate on this topic. At the same time, we will jointly organize the European Family Policy Summit, in Bucharest, in April”, declared the Minister of the Family, Natalia Intotero, after the meeting.

ELFAC and ASFANU representatives also met with Stelian Bujduveanu, deputy mayor of the city of Bucharest, accompanied by national MP Robert Sighiartau; and Flavia Boghiu, deputy mayor of the city of Brasov. Both meetings discussed demographic challenges and how to improve and develop local policies to support families. Both municipalities were invited to join the European Network of Family-Friendly Municipalities, an ELFAC initiative to exchange good practices and improve training in this field.

There was also a working meeting with Rozalia Biro, Chairwoman of the Committee for Foreign Affairs of the Chamber of Deputies and Deputy Chair of the PPE Womenߴs Organization. And an interesting discussion with Prof. dr. Mirela Aceleanu, from the Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest, on the possibilities of study and analysis in the field of demography and family policies.

Both representatives of ELFAC and the president of ASFANU took part in an interesting discussion on large families for Angelus TV. They also met with the families of the board of ASFANU in Bucharest and with the families who promote this association in the city of Brasov, who are really doing an excellent work to bring large families to public agenda.

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