ELFAC participated in the international congress of families in Guadalajara (Mexico)

Raul Sanchez, Secretary General, was invited to explain the experience of large families associations in the panel on “Citizenship and Family”

The International Congress of Families (CIFAM) took place on 1, 2 and 3 March in Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico) with the participation of more than eight thousand people. The event brought together more than 60 international experts who provided knowledge and tools to strengthen and improve the functionality of the fundamental cell of society: the family.

The motto of the congress was “The family, an irreplaceable network”, because, as Jesús Manzanares, president of the congress, explained, “nobody can play its role, neither the State, nor schools, nor technologies”.

140 volunteers collaborated in the organisation and development of the congress, which included parallel sessions for young people, and a exhibition of entities aimed at families, with 150 stands with information and activities.

Raul Sanchez explained the importance of being present in the areas of society where the future of the family is decided: national and international political institutions; education; and the media, including new technologies. At the same time, he called for participation and influence through active family associations. In particular, he presented the case of large family associations in Europe, which have contributed to the development of measures in favour of large families at all levels.

The ELFAC Secretary General had some meetings with large families interested in setting up an association of large families in Mexico, which would join the six other Latin American countries that already have an association representing families with more children.

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