ELFAC President Regina Maroncelli at the ‘birthday of FEFAF’, the European Federation of Parents and Carers at Home

The 40th anniversary celebration of the founding of FEFAF association were held in Brescia, Italy, the last 4th of April

FEFAF brings together 21 European associations committed to recognising the value and importance of the invisible and unpaid work of those who care for their loved ones, children, relatives, the elderly and the disabled every day.

“I feel at home here, like a family,’ Regina Maroncelli told the FEFAF members gathered in Brescia for the Congress and the general assembly, during which she was elected the new board and president, Caroline Höglund.

“ELFAC shares a lot with FEFAF: you have 40 years of work and experience behind you, but it was easy to find points of contact between us. In your ranks there are many large families, among us many mothers and fathers who have made family care their life. In particular we share the importance we both give to the work of ‘parenting’, of being carers, and of being volunteers, the unpaid work that each of us spends for our own and others’ well-being.”

“We both represent a a vanishing lifestyle, something that until the day before yesterday was the norm and then, almost suddenly, became a choice against the tide. Something that does not fit into the logic of the market and work as a life priority, something that is looked upon with distrust if not hostility.”

“Both of us,” Regina Maroncelli recalled, “claim the right to pursue our choice of life, in the conviction that it is a good choice, one that does us, our family and society good. And we both demand respect for this choice and, if not support, at least the possibility that all the obstacles that have been put in place to prevent it be removed.”

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