ELFAC spoke on the “birth gap” at the Trento Family Festival

It has been a whole 5 days of events, seminars and exchanges, with demographers, politicians, NGOs.

Birth rates are falling all over Europe, but the number of children that young people desire is still quite high, around two children. To understand what is happening and the reasons of the huge gap between desires and reality (“Birth gap”), Trento (Italy) has devoted its 12th Family Festival to the topic.

For ELFAC, president Regina Maroncelli attended on the second day the event “Innovation in the dialogue with companies : the family audit and the gender equality certification”.

“I was very happy to be in this panel- said Mrs. Maroncelli- as I had the chance to present the European Network of Family-Friendly Municipalities and the new partnership with companies. There must be an alliance between companies and local territories in order to become attractive, retain talents and young families with children. We need corporates welfare sensitive to family needs and we need services on the ground, to help families with children to live and thrive”. 

During the event, over 70 companies received the Family Audit certification delivered by the Province of Trento, while Mrs. Mercedes Hernandez presented “EFR”, the family friendly certification issued to companies in Spain by the Fundacion Masfamilia.

“Methods and objectives of both certifications are pretty much the same”, remarked Regina Maroncelli. “This means that there is a great demand of family welfare and companies become more competitive if they get the certification. It’s time to have more and more family friendly companies: the wellbeing of families, and the future of the areas where they are, depends also on them”.

In the picture, from right to left: Regina Maroncelli (ELFAC) with Mercedes Hernandez (Fundacion Masfamilia, Lucia Claus (Agency for Social Cohesion of Trento) and Maurizio Mosca (Gender Mainstreaming)

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