ELFAC talked at United Nations in New York

Regina Maroncelli, president of ELFAC, brought the voice of large families to the headquarters of United Nations in New York, on the occasion of the 57th. Session of the Commission for Social Development. 

Ms. Maroncelli, mother of four children, talked about the invisible work of parents and volunteers and the need to recognize their value through tangible economic measures. The recognition of invisible care work is one of the five requests that the associations members of ELFAC are presenting to the political parties to be included in their programs for the European elections next May.

The event took place on February 12 at the United Nations Building, with the title “Target 5.4, utopia?”, referred to the fifth objective of the global sustainable development agenda 2020 and intended to examine the issue of recognition of invisible work from the point of view of parents, politics and business.

Organized by the the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD), we saw the participation of Nicola Speranza, general secretary of FAFCE, Anis Ben Brik, director of Family Policy at Doha International Family Institute, or Anita Ferron, from International Federation for Home Economics, among others.

The event can be watched here.

The president of ELFAC is attending this week the 57th. Session of the Comission for Social Development at United Nations in New York, together with Raul Sanchez, the ELFAC general secretary, and Melinda Balint, in charge of international relations of the Hungarian Large Families Association.

The ELFAC team has been attending several events at UN on family and social policies. They also met Renata Karczmanska who is in charge of the Focal Point of the Family in United Nations. She encouraged ELFAC to apply to get the NGO Consultive Status in order that large families will be more present in the work of the Division for Economics and Social Policies at United Nations.

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