ELFAC took part in Brussels in the launch of the Civil Society Declaration for the International Year of the Family 30+

Since 2018, a group of transnational and regional organizations are fully involved with the Preparations of the 30th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family. The commitment aims to turn the 30th Anniversary into a substantial and enriching discussion to bring the role of the family unit and policies towards social development into reality.

Regina Maroncelli, president of ELFAC

In order to make every effort count, the alliance of non-governmental organizations has been working on a Civil Society Declaration. The Civil Society Declaration tries to integrate family needs into the various Megatrends proposed by the United Nations’ Secretary General. [At the same time, the Declaration will help with the European Child Guarantee adopted in June 2021, to design and implement services and interventions that reduce the effects of poverty and social exclusion on children in need of support and protection

Kinga Joó, vice-president of NOE

The Civil Society Declaration will be an effective instrument to foster all the support possible among a broad spectrum of partners. The voices of the families that integrate the Declaration, together with the substantial contributions from experts, are key to addressing the challenges of many families. Thanks to the continuous efforts of the various organizations involved up until now, the Civil Society Declaration will be launched in the framework of the Observance of the International Day of the Family 2022. From now on, it will spur support to best prepare for the 30th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family in 2024.



Commitments to the Preparations of IYF+30

The Launch of Civil Society Declaration and Preparatory Events for the 30th. Anniversary of the International Year of the Family in 2024 took place in Brussels on 17th. May 2022, organized by the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD), in hybrid format. Regina Maroncelli represented ELFAC, as its president. ELFAC is one of the partners of this iniciative. You can hear her speech at minute 34:22.

Kinga Joó, on behalf of the Hungarian Large Families Association (NOE), was also one of the speakers. You can hear her at minute 53:17.

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