Estonia: Call for the large family of the year and new campaign for family-friendly restaurants

The Large Family Card will be also issued to foster families

Estonia Seeks This Year’s Large Family

Nominate a Candidate for the Title and a €10,000 Scholarship!

    Starting Wednesday, nominations can be submitted for the Annual Large Family competition organized by the Estonian Association of Large Families, where the winning family will receive a €10,000 scholarship from Bigbank.

    The Annual Large Family competition is being held for the fifteenth time this year. All active and industrious families with four or more children are welcome to participate. According to the competition rules, nominations for the Annual Large Family title can be submitted by all residents of Estonia – the families themselves, colleagues of large families, family members, acquaintances, and friends – until April 28. To do this, it’s necessary to fill out the corresponding form on the website of the Estonian Association of Large Families. The Annual Large Family will be announced at a family day organized by the association on May 19 at the Tallinn Zoo.

    Family-friendly dining establishments

    For the fourth consecutive year, the Estonian Association of Large Families has launched its campaign to promote family-friendly dining establishments. The goal is to identify and recognize restaurants and cafes across Estonia that prioritize families with children in their daily operations and activities.

    “A flexible and family-friendly dining establishment is like a beacon, helping families with children navigate the world of restaurants by guiding them to places that offer menus tailored to children’s needs and a family-friendly service culture,” said Aage Õunap, President of the Estonian Association of Large Families. “By issuing this label, we contribute to shaping a more family-friendly society where families with children are noticed and valued.”

    All restaurants and cafes across Estonia that see families with children as their customers are invited to apply for the family-friendly dining establishment label. The worthy establishments will be determined by Estonian families with children by June.

    Estonian Family Cards for foster families

    We are thrilled to announce that we are now issuing Family Cards for foster families as well!

    The instructions for applying for the card, a sample of the required local government certificate, and a special discount code for foster families have been sent to foster families across Estonia via email. If your family has not yet received this information, please write to us at – and we will send it to you promptly!

    Similar to other families, households with at least three underage children or young people up to the age of 26 who are studying can apply for the Family Card. Applications can be submitted by all types of families, including single parents and blended families.

    As we celebrate the completion of extensive development work, we encourage all foster families to apply for the card.

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