Estonia: Recognizing family-friendly restaurants

Today was a very special day – family-friendly food places 2024 were revealed! Hooray! 🤩

By: Eesti Lasterikaste Perede Liit

🏅 Today we recognized the most family-friendly food places in Estonia at the OKO restaurant. A total of 51 restaurants across Estonia were recognized by families, six of them – the GoSpa restaurant in Saaremaa, Tulivee Rannarestoran in Lääne-Virumaa, Lucca restaurant in Harjumaa, Pann & Kook restaurant in Tallinn, Tikupoiss in Imavere and the Ugandan restaurant in Otepää – received the gold mark recognition. 

🏅 The Minister of Social Protection of the Republic of Estonia, Signe Riisalo, helped hand over the awards. Thank you! 💙

🍽 Family-friendly food places were determined as a result of test visits by families and the jury of the evaluation committee. Each food outlet was visited by two families during the campaign, who evaluated how child- and family-friendly the respective catering establishment is.  

🙏🏼 Thank you for your important help, dear families!

🎂 For the fourth year in a row, we issued the family-friendly food place label to find and recognize restaurants and cafes across Estonia that pay attention to families with children in their activities.

👉🏻 Tallinn and Harju County:

1. Bopp Café

2. Restaurant Nero

3. Lore Bistro

4. Moos Resto

5. Ristorante Flavor

6. City Grill House

7. Reval Café (Laki)

8. Lucca Restaurant (gold label)

9. OKO restaurant 

10. Pann&Kook (gold label)

11. Vapiano Estonia 

12. Vapiano Estonia

13. Vapiano Estonia

14. Snob restaurant

15. Padise Kastell cafe

16. MuSu restaurant

👉🏻 Tartum County:

17. Cafe Krempel

18. Jualamõisa local lore cafe

19. V Café 

20. HollyFood

21. Asparagus Restaurant

22. Reval Cafè (Tartu Riga)

23. Cafe Newton

24. Vapiano Estonia

25. Cafe Truffe

👉🏻 Saaremaa:

26. Dairy Cafe

27. Restaurant SÄRG 

28. Chameleon Café-Lounge

29. GOSPA / Georg Ots Spa hotel restaurant (gold label)

👉🏻 Hiiumaa:

30. Hiiumaa Brewery Restaurant

👉🏻 Järva County:

31. Matchboy (gold label)

32. Cafe-Resto TIMELESS

👉🏻 Lääne County:

33. Roosta Puhkeküla resto

34. Hapsal Dietrich – Cafe

👉🏻 Pärnumaa:

35. Bakery “Leivakas”

36. Beach hotel

37. Hestia Hotel Strand

38. C.F.Hahn Pub

39. Alexela Stallion Boy

👉🏻 Viljandi County:

40. Cafe Fellin 

41. Oiu Port

42. Novell book cafe

43. Iron Nail Tavern

👉🏻 Ida-Virumaa:

44. Croissant in your pocket

45. Tulivee restaurant (gold label)

👉🏻 Lääne-Virumaa:

46. ​​Horn Grillresto

47. Grass garden cafe

48. Bamboo Garden Rakvere

👉🏻 Watershed:

49. Ugandan Resto (gold label)

50. Cafe Johanna 

👉🏻 Võrumaa:

51. Seto Tsäimaja

🎉 We rejoice with you! Happy Birthday!

📸: Aleksandra Kiidjärv

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