Estonia: Successful Campaign For Children’s Christmas Wishes

Maxima’s Angel Tree Charity Campaign Successfully Fulfills 2359 Children

Maxima, a leading retail company in the Baltics, expresses gratitude for the support in fulfilling the Christmas wishes of children through its Angel Tree charity campaign. “AITÄH for helping fulfill the Christmas wishes of Inglipuu children.”

Maxima Estonia’s Managing Director, Kristina Mustonen, extended her heartfelt thanks to all the contributors to the Angel Tree campaign, emphasizing the crucial role the community played in making it a success. She acknowledged that without their support, many children in Estonia would have been without Christmas gifts, particularly those facing economic challenges during these difficult times.

Maxima has been organizing its pre-Christmas charity campaign since 2009, aiming to collect gifts for less privileged children in Estonia. The campaign, held from November 22 to December 15 this year, involved placing Angel Trees in Maxima stores across the country. These trees displayed small angel figurines with children’s wishes, and patrons were encouraged to select an angel, purchase the specified item, and bring it to the Maxima checkout for donation.

Mustonen revealed that this year’s campaign achieved a record number of 2359 children’s wishes. The wishes were collected with the assistance of social workers from cities and municipalities, along with the Estonian Association of Large Families.

“Midway through the campaign, we noticed that many angels had been taken from the trees, but the number of gifts brought to the stores was relatively low. We highlighted this issue in the media, and fortunately, with the help of generous individuals, we were able to gather all the gifts and deliver them to social workers, ensuring they reach the children in time for Christmas,” Mustonen added.

Kersti Põldemaa, Director of the Tallinn Social Work Center, emphasized the importance of preserving children’s belief in the fulfillment of their wishes. She expressed gratitude to the Angel Tree contributors for ensuring that Santa’s holiday gifts reach the families under the center’s care.

Aage Õunap, President of the Estonian Association of Large Families, remarked on the heartwarming display of kindness during challenging times. He noted the significance of understanding how a small Christmas gift forms an essential part of the holiday magic for a child.

Over its 14-year history, the Angel Tree charity campaign has expanded significantly. What began in 2009 with two stores and 40 children’s wishes has grown to include 48 Maxima stores, fulfilling 2359 wishes this year alone. In total, the campaign has brought Christmas joy to approximately 25,000 children.

Maxima, operating in Estonia since 2001, stands as the largest retail company in the Baltic region. With a daily footfall of around 140,000 visitors to its stores, the company continues to be a major local employer and taxpayer.

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