Estonian Large Families Association announces upcoming family events

Estonian Large Families Association: Fun Family Events

Annual Family Day Celebration at Super Skypark

OCTOBER 22nd at Super Skypark, Tallinn

Families are in for a fun-filled day as they are invited to the annual Family Day, a cherished tradition celebrating the spirit of large families. The families are gathering on Sunday at Super Skypark – SkyLab Science Center and Trampoline Play Zone in Tallinn. 

This event promises to be a day filled with joy, togetherness, and the recognition of parents from large families who have shown exceptional dedication and commitment. During a special ceremony, the winners of the “Pärlipüüdja” (Pearl Hunter) competition will be officially announced.

This fantastic Family Day event is supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to celebrate the vitality of large families and enjoy a day of entertainment and recognition. See you on October 22nd at Super Skypark!

Spread holiday cheer with Santa’s Elf Office!

While autumn has just begun, the holiday season is not far off, and the Estonian Large Families Association has some exciting news for families across the country. They are thrilled to announce the reopening of their magical “Päkapikukontor” (Santa’s Elf Office) to bring joy and enchantment to children this upcoming Christmas. This year, they have a special surprise in store: families can send their children’s holiday wishes by writing real letters! Santa Claus eagerly awaits your handwritten letters and, with the help of his trusty elves, is ready to read them with great care. 

The registration ended on the 10th of October and the elves are working hard to gather the mail and make sure the wishes get delivered on time.

The Estonian Large Families Association expresses its gratitude to the supporters of Päkapikukontor, who are instrumental in making this holiday season truly memorable. A heartfelt thank you to Maxima Estonia’s Inglipuu campaign, PwC Estonia, and other supporters for their invaluable assistance!

Christmas is a time for love, joy, and sharing, and the association is excited to be part of your family’s holiday happiness.

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