“Family and Career: MYTH or REALITY” – An Inspiring Event in Romania organized by ASFANU

During the European Youth Week, ASFANU – the Association of Large Families ASFANU, in collaboration with the Faculty of Theoretical and Applied Economics and ASEAC – the Association of Students in Economics, Business, and Communication at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, organized the captivating conference “Family and Career: MYTH or REALITY”.

The conference provided a dynamic platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences, where students of the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest had the opportunity to listen and learn directly from successful professionals who are also parents. The vibrant atmosphere was conducive to open discussions about how to blend family responsibilities with professional aspirations, highlighting the possibility of a real balance between the two.

Brigitta Gheorghe, Office Admin, Chef, Pastry Chef, Artist and mother of two children, spoke about how her passion for culinary arts harmoniously blends with her role as a parent, offering a new perspective on life and how to handle criticism.

Matei Pavel, Co-founder of Edbridge Academy and father of one child, encouraged the audience to view challenges from a new angle, emphasizing that difficulties can become opportunities for personal and professional development.

Geanina Ionita, Executive Director of Romanian Confederation for Women Entrepreneurship and mother of three children, emphasized the importance of being a responsible parent not only towards one’s own child but also towards the society we live in.

Robert Maftei, Deputy CEO of OMRON IFN and father of four children, reflected on career satisfactions compared to the joy of being a parent, considering the family as the most valuable life project.

In the coming period, students of the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest will have the opportunity to contribute to deeper research on family and career balance, by answering to an online survey about their vision on family and career.

We look forward to the results of the study and to learning from the valuable perspectives of the youth!

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