First meeting for large families in Romania

Autumn is a beautiful time of year for Romanian large families. On September 24 was held in Bucharest the first meeting of Large Families from Romania.

The event was organized as a garden party, Families prepared lunch together, played family games and had a lot of fun.

ASFANU-Association of large families from Romania presented the future plans of the organization. The families expressed their wishes and expectations regarding the improving of large family life conditions. Thus, among the issues that need to be solved for large families in Romania would be:

  1. Reduction of the fare for public transportation for all family members
  2. Property tax reduction
  3. Car tax reduction for cars with more than 5 seats
  4. Reduction / subsidy for electricity, heat, water, gas
  5. Scholarships for children from large families
  6. Special Family rate for access to museums, theaters, other cultural institutions
  7. Income tax reduction

The next meeting of Romanian large families is planned to be organised in winter time.

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