General Assembly and Congress on Education of the Italian Large Families Association

It will takes place in Bellaria di Rimini, on 9 September, the annual general assembly of the Italian Association of large families, a very important event for the association this year as there will be the election of the new board.

Together with the general assembly, ANFN has organized an international congress on an innovative  topic, the research on the  “horizontal education” that develops naturally in a large family, among siblings.

On Friday the 7th of August families will have free access to the park of Mirabilandia, near Rimini, on Saturday the 8th families can follow the international Congress “The hidden treasure- the horizontal education in large famlilies”, with the presentation of the research on the “Horizontal Education” , led by Francesco Belletti (Cisf) in collaboration with the Università Cattolica of Milan.

In the afternoon Ignacio Socias, director, International Relations of the International Federation of development of family (IFFD), Raul Sanchez – general secretary of Elfac and Laszlo Marki (honorary president of Elfac) will discuss about large families in Europa, what is the value they can bring to society and how politics should help them. In the afternoon there will be the presentation of the book on large families written by Linda Pisani, the presentation of the work about siblings and work skills of Beatriz de Araújo Vitória, from the University of Lisbon and the Ceremony of the prize to the best dissertation on family issues.

More than 150 famlies are expected from all over Italy, for a getting toghether that will close summer 2018 and open a new page of Anfn history, the new president and board.

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