German Large Families Association calls for living space for everyone, including families with large children!

The Association of Large Families of Germany KRFD welcomes the construction of new (social) housing stipulated in the Government coalition agreement; however, expressly points out that families with three or more children per household are not given sufficient consideration either in housing construction or on the rental market.

However, there needs to be a greater focus on families with multiple children. “We call on the federal government to think of large families when it comes to (social) housing construction and home ownership promotion and to provide housing that is suitable for several children and, above all, affordable,” said Dr. Elisabeth Müller, Federal President of the association. Families with several children urgently need housing. “On the one hand, there is a lack of 4/5/6-room apartments throughout Germany,” says the chairwoman. Real estate prices per square meter have been rising for years, but space remains limited. A further complication is that the floor plan and layout of the apartments are often not designed for the needs of families with several children.

“On the other hand, families with many children use their own home as an important pillar of old-age provision,” explains Dr. Müller. Against the background of the non-extension of the child benefit and the temporary halt to energy-efficient building subsidies for renovation and new construction, a quick solution must be found. A replacement program that deliberately takes large families into account when building or converting (social) housing or their own real estate, as well as barrier-free access when applying for the relevant funding options, would be a noticeable relief for parents with many children. “This support for housing would also be a positive sign of a family policy that promotes diversity,” said the chairwoman.

The coalition agreement promises the construction of apartments for barrier-free living, living for the elderly and a federal and state program for student housing, for young people and housing for trainees. “We welcome this program project because it could also provide support and relief for parents with many children who have future students and trainees.”

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