Germany’s Large Families Association Launches New Campaign: “Time Game – Multi-child Family Policy Now”

Right before the start of the European Football Championship, Verband kinderreicher Familien Deutschland e.V. (KRFD) is launching its new campaign “Zeitspiel – Mehrkindfamilienpolitik jetzt!” The association is using the attention surrounding the major sporting event to draw attention to the needs and challenges of large families in Germany. “It’s time for things to finally change for families with many children,” says chairwoman Dr. Elisabeth Müller.

“The European Championships offer a good opportunity to draw attention to our family model and get our message across to a wide audience. After all, almost every third child lives in a large family.” “And as in soccer, a good family policy also needs a clear strategy and a fair approach so that no family falls by the wayside. We don’t need to play foul against families with many children, because the fans of tomorrow will also come from families with many children. We need a genuine large family policy without running out the clock,” says Müller.

The Family Association invites all interested parties to support its initiative and campaign for better conditions for families with three or more children. “Family appears in almost all subject areas. Germany must become attractive for families again. Give the large families a reason to cheer again!”

For more information and current updates on the campaign, please visit KRFD’s website.

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