Greece: ASPE is asking for support to large families during the new-lock down

Since a new lock down is again effective in Greece from November 10th until December 1st, at least, ASPE / Greece, a member of ELFAC, has sent letters to the pertinent Ministres asking for support for large families to exert their rights on telework and teleducation. Large families in Greece have at least four children, meaning that at least six persons (2 parents and 4 children) need to work and get educatred remotely at the same time. 

Therefore, ASPE has asked for:

  • laptops and PCs to be given free of charge to large families; these equipment will be returned to the State when the pandemic is over;
  • a 2nd telecomms line as well as the upgrade of their existing line to 100Mpbs free of charge for large families, so that they are able to have a decent connection speed. ASPE requested that the provisioning will be made by any telecom provided at the display of Greek Large Family ID card and then telecom providers will be reimbursed by the Government using funds taken by the EU regarding the mitigation of the Covid-19 consequences. 

The right to work and to get educated is nowadays depending on the availability of equipment and telecommunications capability. Therefore, we believe that Governments should provide the means to citizens to exert their rights, supporting the most vulnerable ones, which, is this case, is large families. 

It is important that Governments support large families during these circumstances and to this end we are grateful to ELFAC for the efforts it has put to this direction at national and Europan level. 

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