Hungarian Large Families Association (NOE): General assembly and award ceremony

NOE held its general assembly and award ceremony, where more than 100 awards were delivered to persons who helped the association in different forms.

Later new board members were elected: László Bak, Krisztián Herczeg, Jenő Kutassy. NOE said farewell to outgoer board members: Kinga Joó, Péter Ulicsák, Ferenc Vári. The President of the NOE will remain Katalin Gyurkóné Kardos, and the remaining board members are: Gyula Csaba Görcz, Gábor Herbert, Ildikó Kapot, József Kutasi and Krisztina Péterné Novák.

After the general assembly a small celebration took place with a festive cake, because the association is celebrating it’s 35th birthday this year.

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