Joanna Krupska, former president of the association of large families, appointed member of the new Family, Education and Upbringing Council of Poland

The President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, appointed the Family, Education and Upbringing Council as part of the National Development Council. Then the first meeting of the Council took place on 24, June.

Joanna Krupska with president
Andrzej Duda

We decided that education should be combined with family and upbringing, because this is the best way to achieve what we want to achieve, and this goal is an efficient, safe and prosperous Polish state for the future. He will not be without a strong, structurally well-established and secured Polish family – emphasized the President in his speech. 

The president pointed out that undoubtedly the greatest social threat is the continuing demographic problem. He added that the 500 plus program improved the situation of large families, but had no effect on demographics.

Andrzej Duda asked members of the Council to address the demographic issues. The president also emphasized that an important topic is the mental health of children after the Covid-19 pandemic and a very long confinement at home.

The Council will deal with, inter alia:

  • analyzing the conditions concerning the functioning of Polish families, formal and informal education and solutions for upbringing;
  • analyzing the conducted public activities supporting families, improving the demographic situation of Poland, serving the development of education and the implementation of educational programs;
  • preparing opinions and expert opinions for the President of the Republic of Poland regarding the situation of Polish families, the state of education, and solutions supporting upbringing;
  • developing assumptions and projects of presidential legislative initiatives in the field of pro-family policy, education and training policies;
  • conducting a strategic debate and formulating general conclusions regarding the matters of Polish families, the education system, and social policies for upbringing.

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