Last news from the Estonian Large Families Association: Family benefits are significantly rising in Estonia  

By Sandra Eowyn Karu (Estonian Large Families Association)

Here are our latest news: 

Family benefits are significantly rising in Estonia 

President of Estonia, Alar Karis

Estonian President Alar Karis has signed the law hiking family benefits. 

The law will see support for the first and second child to grow from €60 and single parent’s benefit from €19.18 to €80 per month from January 1. The additional large family benefit will grow from €300 to €650 for families with three to six children and from €400 to €850 for families with seven or more children. The large family benefit will be indexed on par with pensions from May 1, 2024.

The law will also abolish the current condition according to which children 16-19 years of age have to be studying to be eligible for child benefits, among other minor changes.

This change has been years in the making and the Estonian Association of Large Families is very proud of the hard work that all the people involved have put into supporting the lives of large families in Estonia. This is a very significant and important change, and it will contribute to bettering the lives of many families. 

In December, the Estonian Association of Large Families held a formal gala event to thank their partners, volunteers, friends and member organizations. 

They have all shown significant support in standing up for large families in Estonia and they have worked to ensure that large families are well presented and cared for. It was a memorable and beautiful evening. 

Tartu Family Organization received an award for being the top non-profit association of Tartu County 2022. Congratulations! There aren’t as many members in any other of our member organizations in Estonia as there are in theirs – the Tartu Family Organization has a total of 826 families. We especially thank them for organizing a series of conferences for mental wellbeing, for the beautifully sewn blanket of the Big Family of the Year and for organizing the annual summer days for the families of South Estonia. 

Sewing-fairies from Estonia: That’s how you can name the next group of women. These angels have helped us to sew little socks, which are intended for newborns who are born as the third or more child in a family. They are given in a beautiful gift set to families in maternity hospitals. In 2022, a total of 1,670 pairs of socks were sent to maternity hospitals. The biggest leaders of this initiative have been the women of the Pärnumaa Family Organization. 

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