Latvia: For the second year in a row, the international day of families will be celebrated online

By Leonids Mucenieks, Chairman of Union of Latvian Large Families Associations

International Day of Families will be celebrated 28 times in the world and this year the theme offered by the UN “Families and New Technologies” fully coincides with the everyday life of Latvian families. For the second year in a row the Covid Pandemic does not allow to families to gather in large numbers in International Day of Families. The International Day of Families with our traditional bonfires and greetings we for the first time celebrated online last year.

If last year online greetings of our associations of large families were the only ones, this year online meeting will be much wider. The online Families day event in Latvia organise the movement “The Natural Family” on May 15 from 10am to 6pm by Latvia time. There will be connections with a variety of NGOs that help families and reflect natural family values and invite families to kindle Families day’ bonfires.

The event includes talks, discussions and reflections on the topic “Latvian family in the 21st century. Opportunities and challenges”, where more than sixty well-known people will together share their experience with identifying most common problems and finding ways to strengthen family and the values on which it is based and which it supports. We will watch most interesting video stories sent to us on the topic of “Family for me is …”.

It is the family that gives life and continuity to our nation. The family is the code of eternity – the core and meaning of our nation’s existence. Different regions of Latvia will come together online to share the joy of opportunity to celebrate this day together.

Throughout the day, it will be able to follow the event online on the Facebook page and on the portals,, Everyone is kindly invited to follow the Latvian Families’ Day celebrations.

Let’s celebrate International Day of Families together!

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