Letter from our president, Regina Maroncelli: “News from the quarantine”

Bergamo, 17/3/2020

Before leaving for food

Dear friends,

While in the world  “outside” is fighting a hard battle against the virus, while news of dear friends being infected get closer, at home life runs smoothly. 

Thank God we are all well: due to the school and university closedown, our four children (18, 20, 23, 26) are at home. Only my husband Fabrizio works outside but he is practically alone in his office, which he reaches by bike in a very silent and deserted city. Bergamo is one of the most beaten province in Italy: a record we rather do without. 

We found a kind of normality, busy in e-lessons and studying, sharing tasks, square meters, devices and time. We have done this for the last 7 days and will probably do it for the next two weeks. We can just leave home for a short walk (one at the time) to the local food shop. 

I am afraid this is what is happening in other parts of Europe and maybe is going to happen all over in a short future, so get ready. I don’t mean buy a lot of food, but prepare a lot of patience  and arrange things so that  staying home will not be a tragedy. I am sure children will remember this as a kind of adventure. Like camping somewhere far away from everything.

We are learning a lot from this situation: how important is our family, our home, our little terrace ( we are so lucky to have one!), how nice to spend time together in respect and understanding. We have a lot of unaspected time to pray, to think, to study. We’ll get through all this, everything will be alright.

God bless,

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