MÁNCSE large families association (Slovakia) celebrated its 25th anniversary

MÁNCSE (the Large Family Association of Mátyusföld, a small region in the South of Slovakia) celebrated the 25th anniversary of its foundation on 21-23 July 2023.

The festivities, announced as a cultural festival of large families in the Carpathian Basin, were held in three neighbouring villages of the region and consisted of several cultural events and commemorations.

Representatives of eight Hungarian large family associations from Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, and Ukraine attended the meeting, among them László Márki, honorary president of ELFAC.

As part of the event, a new community house of MÁNCSE was festively opened in Pered, the seat of MÁNCSE. Representatives of the participating associations planted a memorial tree next to the community house.

On every day of the meeting we could enjoy fantastic music played by the Benyus family from Budapest, of which 9 children, 40 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren were present.

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