Meeting of romanian large families in the city of Brasov

On Saturday, April 1, Romanian Large Families Association invited large families from the city of Brasov to meet and talk about the things that have to be done in their city for families 3+. 

Parents of 3, 4 and 5 children found out about ASFANU activities and future plans. Families talked about large families needs that require solutions, but also about perceptions that have to be changed. Time flew too quickly, but one thing was certain, the voice of large families must be heard in the city of Brasov. 

Children had a lot of energy on stage at Florea Minții – Personal Development Center through Theater, where they transformed into their favorite characters and created improvised roles. Mihaela Nistorica, a romanian actrice and friend of ASFANU, was children’s trainer and the provider of good cheer for families.

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