Meeting of the President of ELFAC with the Chamber of Commerce of Naples

As part of the partnership project with the European Network of Family Friendly Municipalities, Regina Maroncelli, President of ELFAC, met Fabrizio Luongo, President of Si Impresa and Deputy Vice President of the Naples Chamber of Commerce on Friday, 7 July

In the cordial conversation, Maroncelli presented the project of the European Network of Family Friendly Municipalities, initiated with  the Province of Trento and the Italian Network of Family Friendly Municipalities.

Fabrizio Luongo and Regina Maroncelli agreed on the need to activate a collaboration between territories and businesses, from industries to artisans, to make workplaces and cities more family-friendly. “The future of our communities is played out on the ability to attract and retain young people and families with children, who are the future of an area,’ added Regina Maroncelli, who found an attentive and interested interlocutor in the Deputy Vice President of the Naples CCIA.

 On 20 October, the Naples Chamber of Commerce, the third largest in Italy, will host the conference ‘Chi vince il Futuro: donne, famiglia, impresa e territori’ (Who wins the future: women, family, enterprise and territories), organised by ELFAC and the Associazione Nazionale Famiglie Numerose (ANFN)  to present the Network and highlight the role of enterprises, particularly those run by women, in implementing conditions and practices that improve work life balance  and gender equality, main elements of ESG, the three pillars of European sustainability.

Starting in 2025, companies with more than 150 employees will have to present an ESG sustainability report, reporting not only on environmental sustainability and governance aspects, but also on activities and actions of social relevance in the workplace and on the territory.

“Companies will have to arrive in 2025 ready for a new social responsibility they must take,” Regina Maroncelli recalled. “‘With the Naples conference, we are starting to forge the necessary alliance in the Campania region, with the larger companies but also with the artisans, who have always been first and foremost, “family businesses”.

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